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Saving Money on the First Month’s Supply

african-mango-dietI decided to go ahead and buy african mango plus on sale so I could give it a try. I have read so many great articles about the benefits that the mango plus have for a person. I personally wanted to use it to try to maintain my weight. I have worked very hard over the last year to lose weight and now that I have reached my target weight, I wanted to be sure to be able to keep it all off.

I went online and did some digging to learn about the different supplements that would be able to help me keep that weight off and help me feel good while doing it. I have read about a few different supplements that would be able to keep the weight off, but they do not leave a person feeling very well as you are taking them.


Calcium Supplements Side Effects

Before you consider taking calcium supplements you should consult your doctor.  In a recent study it is explained that an increase in calcium in women can be dangerous.

Dangers of Too Much Calcium –


New research suggests that older women who take large calcium supplements may be at increased risk of heart disease and death. Read more…

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Liquid Calcium – How Do You Know If You Need It?

The sad fact is that most people just don’t get enough calcium on a daily basis to keep their teeth and bones healthy for the rest of their lives. Because bone density loss is a normal part of the aging process, it’s possible to keep it under control with the right diet and supplements like liquid calcium added to the daily routine. Calcium absorption is crucial to good health and longevity so it shouldn’t be overlooked. Continue reading

Calcium Facts

Interesting Facts About Calcium

Calcium plays a crucial role in growing and maintaining a healthy body throughout life. It is a necessary mineral for growth, strength, muscle function, and brain health. It’s crucial to get sufficient calcium especially through ages 20 to 25 as that can influence bone health later on in life. Some interesting facts about calcium are the kinds of places where it’s found as well as the kinds of places where it’s not.

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