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Dermatologist for Weird Looking Moles

I have a collection of odd looking moles on my back, and I would like to get rid of them, or at least have them tested to see if any of them are a problem. Their irregular shape, and their dark coloration are trouble to me, and I hope that they are not cancerous. I am going to try to find a private dermatology clinic in Manchester to go see soon, because I just discovered the moles, as I do not look at my back all that often.

So I guess I should have been looking at my back more regularly, because I was definitely surprised to notice all of these moles that do not look very good. It has been a long time since I have been to a dermatologist, but the last time I went to go see one, they told me what to look for in a mole that does not look right.

I have kept that knowledge stored in my head, and so far, I have never seen a suspect mole before just recently. So if you can imagine, I was pretty shocked to see the moles. It is a lesson though, as I will never go so long without looking at my back again. I hope that all of these moles are benign and that there is nothing to be worried about. But I had a family member that was diagnosed with skin cancer just a few years ago, and so that fact makes me even more nervous. The best thing that I can do is to go see one as soon as possible. Going to see a dermatologist as soon as I can is going to be the only way to feel any relief about this situation. Up until then I am sure that my anxiety is going to be on high alert.