Monthly Archives: October 2016

A Light for Emergency Occasions

For my birthday, I was given a Blazeray flashlight by my uncle. I’ve acquired a lot of flashlights over the year, and a lot of them have come from my uncle. He says that you never know when a good flashlight will come in handy. I can see the need to be prepared for whatever may come, but I think having over 20 flashlights is a little bit over prepared. I put the flashlight in my car and didn’t think much more about it. As luck would have it, I would need that flashlight in order to get home one day.

While driving on a lonely road at night, my car stopped working. I barely know anything about fixing cars, except how to change a flat tire. I looked around under the hood, but I couldn’t tell what was wrong. Continue reading

I Wanted to Have Lighter Skin

I wanted to have lighter skin, but I was not sure how to go about this. I had talked with a few people, and I even went to see a dermatologist about it. This turned out to be the best thing that I could have done because she told me about a product called Meladerm. I had never heard of it, but it was something she recommended whole heartedly. I went home and did an online search for Meladerm cream reviews because even though she recommended it highly, I still wanted to be sure that it was something that was not going to do anything to my skin that I didn’t want done.

I was able to find a site that had a lot of information about this product, and the more I read, the more I became encouraged that it was exactly what I was looking for. Continue reading