Monthly Archives: March 2018

Time to Take a Back Seat

Last month I was sitting at the chiropractors office thinking that maybe I should finally settle down. I’ve lived a pretty action packed life, doing many extreme sports and competing against some of the top athletes in these games. I’ve gone through my fair share of injures and recovered from them, but I think my body has had enough. That doesn’t mean that I’ll just give up extreme sports entirely, but I’ll be playing it a little more safe. No more trying out tricks that will likely result in injury, and I may just leave the competitions to the younger guys and girls.

People in the world of extreme sports were shocked to hear that I wanted to cut back. Even though I’ve been at it for many years, they still look at me as if I’m a younger guy still chugging along. It’s nice to know that so many people still look up to me and hold me in such a high regard. Continue reading