A Healthy Approach to Breast Enlargement

My girlfriend has a problem. She is convinced that her breasts are not nearly big enough to please me. I keep telling her over and over how much I appreciate her concern (I really do!) but I think her breasts are plenty great! Still., she’s adamant about finding some breast enlargement cream which is wonderful and all but I’m beginning to get the feeling that she might be doing it for herself. I don’t mind her using me as an excuse to do something like this, more power to her, but she could just say that she wants larger breasts! I certainly won’t mind at all.

I mean. let’s be honest with each other. If you were a guy and your girlfriend wanted to make you happy by increasing her bust, would you go for it? A part of me admittedly feels guilty about this but I can’t help it; I’m a guy. I’m genetically disposed to be attracted to breasts and the bigger the better! It’s an evolutionary trait that men are drawn to larger breasts because for us it means that the woman is fertile or healthy. At least, that’s what they tell us in class. I know that’s not what I’m thinking when I see large breasts!

Either way, if she wants to do it then why should I tell her no? I assure her that it’s not all I care about and that I’m more than happy with the way she is now but if it makes her happy to make me happy in this way then I should be supportive in her decision. As long as she’s doing it from a healthy state of mind and not because she feels that she is unattractive otherwise. I’d feel awful if that’s why she was wanting to increase her size.

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