A New Improvement for a New Life

I have always been very self-conscious about my body image. Ever since I was a pre-teen, I always had a slim, petite frame. Despite the fact that I was going through puberty, my body showed no signs of improvement. When I became a woman, my body still looks the same. I am still skinny and very underdeveloped. I wear push-up bras to enhance my bust. I am so jealous of my friends and co-workers that have better bodies than I do. I must find natural breast enlargement pills. I am considering getting plastic surgery on my breasts. I will keep this choice as a possible option for me.

It all stated during my high school years. I noticed that some of the girls were mostly or fully developed physically. I was still growing. I was so embarrassed. Some of the other girls were merciless towards me. They bullied me and called me hurtful names. The popular girls did not want me to sit with them during lunch. When I tried out for cheerleading, the girls said I was not pretty enough to join. My body was not good enough for team spirit. I did not make the cut.

My college years were not any better. I had three roommates. All of them head very well-developed busts. I was still the late bloomer of the group. When we would go out to clubs, all the guys spoke to them, but ignored me. Guys treated me like I had the plague. It was hard for me to get dates.

As a grown woman, I still experience the same problems. Most guys do not date women with small breasts. I see women with larger busts get promoted over me, despite the fact that I am better qualified for the job. It is not right. It is very sad that people are so shallow in society.

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