Calcium Deficiency

calcium deficiencyThe human body requires many types of nutrients to function normally. Every movement one makes, functioning of every bodily organ and body part and every aspect of the physical existence of the human body is dependent on vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and many other nutrients that are classified into these four major categories. Among all the minerals, calcium is one of the most significant. It is one of the components that form human structure. The fact that calcium is a building block for bones and teeth is well known but calcium is also needed for the normal steady functioning of the heart, that is heartbeat, and even the blood needs to be replenished with calcium every day to cater to all the body parts for various normal functioning of organs.

Calcium deficiency is a state where the body is in dearth of adequate amounts of the mineral. It can be a temporary phase or a permanent condition depending on the severity of it and also subject to the steps one takes to prevent further deterioration, management and treatment of the condition.

When the body is in dearth of calcium, one is likely to suffer from back pain, neck pain, pain in the bone or tenderness, loss of height, change in the physical posture, muscle cramps, numbness in bones and joints and also teeth, prickling sensations in the body, loss of appetite and increased proneness to get seriously injured or having bones fractured upon minor impacts. The symptoms can get serious if the condition worsens and an individual would have lower levels of alertness, fatigue, chest pain, palpitations, weaker pulse, respiratory problems, wheezing, seizures and muscle contractions among others.

The first reason why there can be a dearth in calcium in the human body is the absence of calcium in diet. Milk, dairy products, sea food, green vegetables and nuts are calcium rich foods. Not consuming such foods can lead to calcium deficiency. If the problem is not addressed then the condition can transform to hypocalcemia. Hypocalcemia is a condition where the blood is in dearth of calcium. When calcium is not supplied to the body through foods, the blood extracts the mineral from the deposits in the bones. When the blood is no longer able to do so due to depletion of the stores of calcium in bones, hypocalcemia develops.

There are many severe ill effects of such conditions and one should seek medical attention. Diets and medications can easily remedy the situation if they are opted for at the outset of hypocalcemia or dietary calcium deficiency.


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