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Calcium Supplements Side Effects

Before you consider taking calcium supplements you should consult your doctor.  In a recent study it is explained that an increase in calcium in women can be dangerous.

Dangers of Too Much Calcium –


New research suggests that older women who take large calcium supplements may be at increased risk of heart disease and death. Read more…

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Calcium Facts

Interesting Facts About Calcium

Calcium plays a crucial role in growing and maintaining a healthy body throughout life. It is a necessary mineral for growth, strength, muscle function, and brain health. It’s crucial to get sufficient calcium especially through ages 20 to 25 as that can influence bone health later on in life. Some interesting facts about calcium are the kinds of places where it’s found as well as the kinds of places where it’s not.

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Calcium Deficiency

calcium deficiencyThe human body requires many types of nutrients to function normally. Every movement one makes, functioning of every bodily organ and body part and every aspect of the physical existence of the human body is dependent on vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and many other nutrients that are classified into these four major categories. Among all the minerals, calcium is one of the most significant. It is one of the components that form human structure. The fact that calcium is a building block for bones and teeth is well known but calcium is also needed for the normal steady functioning of the heart, that is heartbeat, and even the blood needs to be replenished with calcium every day to cater to all the body parts for various normal functioning of organs.

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