I Did Not Want to Take No for an Answer

Many people who live in a small town will often say that they are frustrated with the medical care available in small towns. I am one of those people, and the lack of help that I was getting led me to start seeing a chiropractor in Cumming GA who has been wonderful with fixing my back issues. Up until that point, two different doctors that I had seen about my back previously wanted only to tell me to have really expensive surgery to get my back to a better place. I have never known even one person who has ever found any relief after having an operation to try to solve their problem. I was done wasting time listening to their advice.

I have gotten a lot of great help from my doctors, but I also know that sometimes they do not know all there is to know about a lot of different treatments for pain. Often, people simply say yes to surgery or pills because they think their physicians are spot on about those things being the only hope. Luckily, I have read a lot of articles about this happening, and each of those articles have explained that you must stand up for yourself and continue looking for answers. This makes a lot of sense to me, and it is something that I keep in mind when I have run into chronic pain.

Living in a small town means that you know a lot of the people who live in your area, so I began asking around for recommendations on a good chiropractor in nearby cities. I settled on one who is a one hour drive away from me because people spoke so highly of him. He told me that there is no reason to believe that having an expensive operation is the only thing that would make my life better. He has worked miracles on my back since then.

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