I Finally Feel Free and Well Enough to Live a Better Life

I was pretty happy when I first learned that medical marijuana in Marlton NJ is now an option for me. This is because I have epilepsy, and I also have a very young cousin who has it, too. Both of us have tried to make it through life as well as we can on the different prescriptions we have been given over time, but we have both long wished for the right to use medical marijuana after learning how helpful it is for the condition that we both share. We have both hoped that getting to use it would be life-altering and it has been.

My parents and I found out that I had epilepsy when I was 6 years old. I can’t say that I remember all that much from that time period in my life, but I do remember being scared often about when my next seizure episode would be. Little did I know that growing older would mean that I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things that other perfectly healthy people can do. For instance, I had no idea that I would not be allowed to drive a car. I also didn’t know that working a full-time job would be a major problem. When our family learned that my young cousin also has it, I found myself thinking about all of the struggles that she would face in life as well.

I first learned of medicinal marijuana use after one of my doctors mentioned it to me years ago. He said that he hated to bring up something that wasn’t quite legal yet in our area, but he said that he hoped that it would become legal at some point. He also said that if it did, he wanted to start me on it right away to see how it would work for me. Now that we can use it legally, it has changed my life. I have not had any seizures in the past 2 years. This was not possible on the past prescriptions that I was getting.

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