I Got into an Accident

It seemed like a lot more of an inconvenience than a real problem at first. I was going through an intersection in Chandler AZ when I got t boned. The guy who hit me was driving a broke down old Ford pick up truck and you could tell that he had been drinking from ten yards away. I think he had literally been taking a drink of Southern Comfort, the stuff was spilled all over him. At any rate I was mad, but it was a rental car and I felt okay. A Chandler auto accident chiropractor had to do an adjustment the next day however. When I tried to get out of the hotel bedroom the next morning I was as stiff as the tin man in the Wizard of Oz. It literally took me about five minutes to get my self out of that bed and then I had to try to loosen my back up without making the problem any worse.

At any rate when I went to my first appointment they could see that I was not right and after I told them, my client gave me the number for the chiropractor. He said he had been there a couple of times for a similar problem. Obviously when you go to a chiropractor it is going to be a real pain for you to figure out if the guy is going to be trustworthy and there are a lot of ways that one of them can really give you worse problems than you walked in with. It was a good thing for me that they helped me to find a guy who could do the job, although I admit that I was nervous. If you do some homework you can figure out that there are seriously bad outcomes which are possible.

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