Calcium Facts

Interesting Facts About Calcium

Calcium plays a crucial role in growing and maintaining a healthy body throughout life. It is a necessary mineral for growth, strength, muscle function, and brain health. It’s crucial to get sufficient calcium especially through ages 20 to 25 as that can influence bone health later on in life. Some interesting facts about calcium are the kinds of places where it’s found as well as the kinds of places where it’s not.

It is the 5th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust but it can’t just be found freely in nature. It has to be refined before it can be used for anything. Calcium facts reveal how common it is in the lives of plants and animals both. Animal bones get their hardness from calcium. Birds’ eggs and mollusks’ shells are also made of a mix of calcium and other minerals. It is also used outside of the body to make cement, cheese, glass, paper, paint and is also used to remove nonmetallic impurities from alloys.

Facts about calcium should include how much is needed to keep the body healthy. Adults should be getting 1000 mg per day and women with low estrogen should get 1200 – 1500 mg a day. The body doesn’t care if calcium comes from he food we eat or from supplements. Extra calcium does not increase bone strength, it just makes the kidneys work harder to get rid of the extra so be careful not to exceed 2000 mg per day. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption; without it, the body cannot process or use the mineral.

As humans grow, our bodies need calcium to support bone structure as it changes and to keep teeth healthy and strong. Once the body reaches about age 25, it will rely on stored up calcium for the rest of your life. As we get older, the body uses up calcium stores in the bones which can sometimes lead to osteoporosis in older people. The interesting facts about calcium are how crucial it is to a long life of wellness.

The most frightening fact about calcium is that most people of all ages just don’t get enough of it every day. Eating a diet with enough of the mineral is important but supplements can be added to safeguard bones, teeth, and muscle health. Supplements should be consumed throughout the day to help the body absorb the calcium more efficiently.


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