It Took a Visit to My Chiropractor in Campbell to Figure out What Was Causing My Headaches

I used to get annoying headaches. I was sent for x-rays, then a CT scan. Then they did an MRI. You know how insurance companies are, they only pay for the minimum to figure out your problem. It took forever to get the MRI. It basically showed nothing. However, my chiropractor in Campbell noticed issues with my posture. My wife told me that I would start leaning forward with my shoulders and neck when I worked at home on the computer. I would telecommute three days a week.

I noticed that my headaches started when I started a job using the computer most of the day. I thought it might be my glasses, so I got an eye exam and a new prescription for use at the computer. It helped me see a bit better, but it did not stop the headaches. Adjusting the ergonomics of my environment helped a lot, but I had a lingering issue with whatever strain I caused. A few treatments at my chiropractor in Campbell relieved the pain and the strain. I no longer have an issue with headaches. I was having a slight problem when working at the office, but I just got a new chair there like the one I have at home. I adjusted the height of my computer screen on my desk, and I am okay now.

No more slouching forward has really helped me. That and a combination of other things. The glasses help me see the screen better at a normal distance. Other adjustments keep me upright. I no longer have the headaches, and the residual strain is gone. All that imaging and it was something a chiropractor and some common sense fixed for me. Those headaches would disable me. I had to go rest until they went away. I am glad I do not suffer from them any longer.

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