Mom’s Back Injury Actually Got Her Back Doing What She Loves

Mom worked at a desk all day. She got promoted and rarely did field work. She had gained a few pounds and complained of her back hurting her all the time. She went on a hike with my dad and they both slipped on some loose gravel on the trail. Neither of them fell, but mom hurt her back. Dad did not. She keeps saying she needs to do more exercising since she was not a field geologist anymore. However, to deal with the immediate problem, we talked her into going to a chiropractor in Cumming GA.

The doctor came up with a treatment plan that included immediate relief, exercise and nutritional therapy to get back to good health. She needed to cut back on her caloric intake or increase her activity. She was not liking her desk job, and she only accepted the promotion because of the money. Mom felt better after the first treatment at the chiropractor. The throbbing ache in her lower back was gone. It tried to come back, but the repeated treatments kept it at bay until it was no longer an issue. She stuck to her exercise and diet plan and got back to her goal weight fast.

She talked to her superiors at work about some field work to stay active. They worked with her to create an entirely new position in the company that combined her desk work with active field work. This way she was back to hiking up and down mountains taking samples and notes for the mineral exploration company she works for. She was glad to be back in the field doing what got her interested in being a rock hound in the first place. She does go back to the chiropractor at the first time of any returning back pain. She nips it in the bud before it gets bad.

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