Not Letting Back Pain Cause Me to Miss Work

I was lifting a heavy box, and I felt something kind of click or clunk in my back. It was like something moved just a little, but it was enough to cause me to drop the box and abruptly sit down. It did not feel right even though there was not a lot of initial pain. After a few minutes of sitting, I was able to get back to carrying boxes. However, the next day I was at a Petaluma chiropractor trying to get the pain to stop. It was really bad when I got up the next morning.

I noticed that when I resumed carrying the boxes that I was holding them different. I would press them right up against my body tightly, and I would strain more with my arms. I was favoring my back muscles. The strain I put on my back that day was just too much. I was no longer 20, and I overdid it by a large margin. It took me going in three days per week for electrical stim, heat and massage therapy just for me to get through the days with the pain at a manageable level. I also knocked my back out of alignment favoring it to minimize the pain. The adjustments took care of the pain that was being caused by that.

I know that sometimes your back pain can even resolve on its own. I needed immediate treatment and relief just to be able to go back to work. I cannot just call up my job and tell them I will be staying home for a week or two while my back gets better. If I was in traction in the ICU, then they might let me have a pass. Yes, I am saying that my working conditions are not ideal, but it pays the bills. Anyway, I did what I needed to by seeing the Petaluma chiropractor to not have to miss any work.

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