Calcium Supplements Side Effects

Before you consider taking calcium supplements you should consult your doctor.  In a recent study it is explained that an increase in calcium in women can be dangerous.

Dangers of Too Much Calcium –


New research suggests that older women who take large calcium supplements may be at increased risk of heart disease and death. Read more…

It is now recommend to get you calcium from calcium rich foods.  Calcium supplements are now linked to heart disease.

High calcium intake from supplements linked to heart disease in men

Getting extra calcium from supplements is supposed to be good for your bones. The latest in a string of studies heightens concern that this simple practice could end up being bad for your heart. The results support growing

The important thing is to  consult your doctor if you feel you need calcium supplements.  Your doctor will do  all the necessary test to determine if you need to supplement your calcium consumption.

Calcium Controversy Continues – Nutraceuticals World


A new Swedish study links CVD to calcium intake in women.

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