The Cold Air Would Cause My Shoulder Muscles to Spasm and Cause Me Awful Back and Neck Pain

When the winter gets here my back starts to hurt a whole lot more. I have always been a bit stiff in the morning or sore after working all day. However, when the cold gets here, I really start to hurt. My neck and shoulders hurt the most. It was suggested to me that bracing against the cold makes me twist my own neck, and the cold is not helping with keeping the muscles warm. I would have spasms in my muscles. I went to a Vancouver chiropractor last winter to get relief. It worked very well for me.

I would hurt really bad when the muscles in my shoulder would start to spasm and it would tighten my neck up like a steel cable. It was awfully painful when it happened. I had my wife use the capsaicin muscle rubs on my back. That stuff burned like fire if you used too much. It sure did distract me from the pain though. However, it did nothing to make it go away. I got some relief from the microwaved rice bag I had. I would heat that thing up so hot it felt like it was burning my skin. It would leave a big red mark, but the muscles felt better.

The chiropractor helped me to get my back into alignment, especially my neck. The electrical stimulation wand that did a deep muscle massage helped break up those knots. The manual massage helped to loosen those trigger points. Over a few treatments, I was okay again. I was able to manage being out in the cold without the muscle spasms. I do prefer the heat of summer, but I like living in Vancouver. My wife and I might move south when we retire, but for now we are keeping the chiropractor’s number in my phone.

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