The Pain Came out of Nowhere

My mom was having such a hard time moving around. I asked her if she had injured herself in some way, such as a fall, but she told me she hadn’t. We thought that it may have been her bed, but she still felt the same way after sleeping in the guest room for a few nights. She was just chalking it up to getting older, but I knew that there had to be another reason because of how quickly it came on. I urged her to see a chiropractor in Phoenix AZ because I know that these types of doctor want to get to the bottom of a problem rather than just covering up the pain with pills or doing surgery as a first option.

I researched different ones online since there are several in the area, and it did not take me long to find out that Back in Line Spine was the one we needed her to see. The testimonials on their website were exactly what I needed to see to know that they could hopefully help my mom just like they have helped so many others who have had similar pain stories.

For her first appointment, they assessed her health by doing a physical exam and just talking with her about her health history and her habits as well. She later told me that even her own doctor had never talked with her like that, and that gave both of us even more confidence. After they looked at her back and legs, a treatment plan was devised specifically for her. It did involve her doing some of the work on her own, and she was actually eager to do that. She wanted to feel better again, and following the instructions and therapies exactly as prescribed is what got her back on the road to feeling like herself again.

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