Treating My Lumbar Radiculopathy to Have Pain-Free Days

Have you ever heard of Lumbar Radiculopathy? If you suffer from it, you know the name. Its common name is sciatica. It is that nerve that runs from your lower back down your leg. When it is irritated, it hurts something awful. My medical doctor offered me prescription painkillers to ease the pain. I wanted the pain gone rather than just taking something to mask it. I went to see a chiropractor in Turlock to find out if I could get even a little relief from the pain of that irritated sciatic nerve.

Let me describe to you what it feels like. Have you ever been shocked with electricity or put your tongue to a 9-volt battery? Sciatic pain feels like that burning buzz on your tongue, if you have ever done the battery thing, but ramped up a couple of hundred times in intensity. My pain hits like I grabbed a live electric wire. It feels like someone stuck me with a cattle prod in my hip, and the electricity traveled down my leg and shot out my big toe. It can hit so suddenly and with such intensity that it can make you cry out, force your leg straight trying to get relief or even jump out of your chair. The dull continuous pain burns, aches and feels like electricity all at the same time.

Nerves conduct electrical impulses, and an irritated sciatic nerve must go completely haywire. I could barely take another step when walking when it happened. It most often happens while seated at my desk. The chiropractic treatments really helped alleviate the cause of the pain, which was the irritated sciatic nerve, and that brought me real relief. Pain pills might be good for a temporary solution, but having chiropractic procedures done to relieve the irritated nerves is a fix.

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